Friday, December 7, 2012

My father in law is cooler than yours :)

Last night my father in law called and said that he really wanted to take Brad and I out to dinner and to go to karaoke with us. :) We had a quiet evening in planned, but how do you say no to that? I mean...really.:)

My father in law just might be the coolest one out there. He sang, he bragged on his son to everyone walking by, and he watched me and the DJ rap Ice Ice Baby and still treated me like I'm every bit as respectable as I was when I walked in the building. (Rumor has it, he was dancing in his seat a little but during the rap throw down!) Lol

I'm thankful for my new family. ♥
They're warm and welcoming and it fits. Just another reason why I know it was meant to be.
Thankful. :)

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