Thursday, April 17, 2014


Compendium never fails to inspire me!
I have a long-standing love affair with their beautiful collections of quotes and uplifiting images, and I love that they also have products to encourage artistic expression in kiddos. J My little Katie Shae was so excited to break out the crayons and tell a story about a brave little kitten saving the world! ;)
And how precious will it be to look back at this story illustrated by her as a seven year old? Really precious. J
These pictures are just a few of my favorite pages from her finished book…I love them.
I want to share this fun experience with two of my blog readers! Please enter a comment below and I will pick two winners and send you each a copy of a ready to illustrate book from Compendium’s children line! (You can check out the full line here)
You don’t have to have a blogger ID to comment, just hit “anonymous” and add your name and contact information.
xx Charin


  1. I love this idea, a book that allows your child to make their own illustration and brings out their imagination. Also I love this writer and that she inspires me every time I read it.
    -Courtney N.

  2. How adorable! What a unique idea! ~ Amanda M.

    1. And my contact is:
      Thank you!