About Me

Hi! I'm Charin. That's fancy Greek spelling for "Karen". :)

I started this blog because I adore the every day and sharing some positive things that I've found along the way. (There are so many!)

When I'm not busy being a banker you will probably find me playing with my beautiful kids Katie Shae, Colin and Parker, snuggling my rock star husband Brad (OR watching him with stars in my eyes while he sings! Listen to him here...Brad Adams-Soul Fringe ) :)

I believe in quiet moments, crazy dancing, taking lots of photos, the power of positive words, music...always music, good books and spending every free minute I can with friends and family.
I'm glad you're here!

I'm a Brand Ambassador for the awesome company Compendium: Their website and their blog.
Lover of Pinterest: You can follow me here.
I like to document the every day on Instagram: You can view my photos here.

Contact me at charinkellie@yahoo.com

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