Friday, August 14, 2015


There's such a deep-rooted longing for home. Feeling accepted, safe and loved. I am really familiar with the feelings of inadequacy that try to pull us down and make us less than who we are. "Did I try hard enough?" "Am I doing enough?" "Could I be prettier, thinner, a better wife, a better Mom, a better friend....."  "What if what this person says about me is true..." and the list goes on. It haunts you if you let it. Nothing will hurt you more than someone you love telling you that you're nothing.

If you're one of us that struggle....let's stop. Let's believe that we are WORTHY. Worthy of a King's love and blessing, and that we are not what people who have hurt us would have us believe. Don't be destroyed. Rise above it. I don't know any person who isn't capable of being amazing if they have enough faith in who they are, and who know that they are worth more. I don't know of anyone who isn't able to do amazing things, if they choose to open their hearts and minds and be better than their scars and hurt and the rejection they've gone through.
You are NOT what you've gone through. You are worthy. There are brighter days ahead, and please....don't let anyone make you feel like you're nothing.

I'm realizing more daily that most people have goodness in them and don't mean to damage others. But they do. Sometimes they will realize what they've done, and they will make it right. And some...don't. Ever. But that doesn't make you any less, just because you're not on the same steps in your growth.Deep breath and let it go. If it's meant for you it will be.
It's not easy, and it hurts so much more than people know. But let this journey make you grow.
You are worthy.