Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spring cleaning in December :)

My husband and I moved into our new home about three months ago, and I am going into crazy woman mode lately about wanting to decorate and add new life and color and organization into it. :) (I'm nesting. Without the baby on the way!)

Last night I started purging through my tubs of scrapbooking supplies and photos...I want to start scrapbooking again. I do not, however, want old, cluttered messes bogging me down and draining my energy before I even start a project. :) I noticed (especially in the tubs of photos) that it was actually a kind of emotionally draining task. Seeing the faces of people who were a huge zap of my time and emotions, felt great to get those out of my house. :) Bye, bye, negative memories! :)

And then there was the sweetness of people who I love. Pictures of Katie and Colin when they were so little. So many fun times and experiences. :)
Pieces of my history...I found a bookmark given to my by my Maw-Maw with all of her nicknames for my Paw-Paw and that made me remember lots of Summer's spent in Florida at their house.
A surprise find of  a CD that had some precious videos on it.

I'm all about keeping thing sorted and organized, and getting rid of things in your home that don't belong there. If there are broken things, clutter, negative memories hanging around.. they need to go. It's so freeing to make every room full of life and love and what your family cherishes. 
I love coming home to a place that feels like "us". Bonus points when guests feel warm and welcomed too. :)

I notice that I start wanting to breathe new life into my home around this time of year. It's almost a New Year! I love New Year's. Time for new resolutions and a push to focus on improvements and making things a bit prettier. (Inside, and out)

Now excuse me, I have another box to dig through. :)

** I will post a little home tour soon! Just as soon as I get a few more projects done. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Soul Fringe

Fun little photo shoot of some of my favorite guys today. :) Well...especially the one in the black and purple. He's my smoking hot rock star lead singer husband. His band inspires me and I can't wait to see what they're going to do!
Check them out here-

Brad Adams-Lead vocals and drums
Lance Slater-Bass and backing vocals
Josh Huie- Guitar and backing vocals

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Togetherness is powerful

There's just something about knowing that there is someone there, being a witness to your life.

I have....for most of my life....been this fiercely independent girl. Or at least, I told myself I was. :)

It was at at times a coping method for getting through challenges, and there have been plenty of those...there were times when I wasn't ready to let anyone close to me because I was afraid to lose them. (It has happened, and has irrevocably changed me.)

But there is something SOOOO beautiful about sharing all of this life with people who understand and support you and love you. Those people who will be there to encourage you and show you that you don't have to go through it alone. For real. :)

Because then you get to share the really happy moments, the bliss of this beautiful life that we have. :) Random moments, emails from friends,  laugh out loud memories...I'm so thankful for the people that have my heart. :)

I guess all of this to say, togetherness is powerful and you can do SO much when you have the encouragement from someone who believes in you. Don't ever underestimate how much it means to let someone know that you believe in them. :)

I'm trying to do that more often these days. I don't want anyone close to me to go another day without knowing that they really do mean that much to me. They have encouraged me on my journey (which is ongoing and lovely!) and they have my heart. ♥

" The right people… the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you. And stay.” ~Will Smith (Thanks Will Smith! I knew you were a smart guy)

Picture taken from a random church marquee in town...because it was lovely and caught my attention.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My father in law is cooler than yours :)

Last night my father in law called and said that he really wanted to take Brad and I out to dinner and to go to karaoke with us. :) We had a quiet evening in planned, but how do you say no to that? I mean...really.:)

My father in law just might be the coolest one out there. He sang, he bragged on his son to everyone walking by, and he watched me and the DJ rap Ice Ice Baby and still treated me like I'm every bit as respectable as I was when I walked in the building. (Rumor has it, he was dancing in his seat a little but during the rap throw down!) Lol

I'm thankful for my new family. ♥
They're warm and welcoming and it fits. Just another reason why I know it was meant to be.
Thankful. :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Every day lovely....

                                                Snuggles with my favorite little boy. <3

                                                   And my favorite little girl. <3
              Colin saying "Dadooooo!!" over and over all day, until his Dadoo came home
                                                and they were both *this* happy. :)
                                           Smoothies :) because they're my favorite.
            And date night to see Breaking Dawn, part 2. I.cried.rivers you guys!!
I've never been like that over a movie!! Breaking my husband in right for the chick flicks, I guess. :)

                                          Every day things are so important to me.