Sunday, November 5, 2017

What still stands

This thought has been on my mind a lot lately.
Any time we're faced with a difficult season, experience, or time in our lives we can focus on what still stands and shift from worry and stress to gratitude. It isn't necessarily easy, but it feels so much better. And what we focus on grows.

A friend of mine told me this last week that in some of her hardest times, she would focus on things as basic as running water and a stove to cook on. There are days that it can be hard to find the positive, but it's there. It's always there. :)

For me-in a time of stressful and very necessary change, I'm looking at what still stands in my world. Just a few of the many on my list: my beautiful, happy children. Amazing friends-my tribe. 🖤 My family. Hard earned peace and stability. My health. And the knowledge that what lies ahead is far better than anything we leave behind. 🖤

Here's to the journey, and being thankful for what still stands!

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