Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thoughts on being positive!

For as long as I can remember, my heart’s desire has been to share happiness and positivity with everyone I meet. My friend Sarah recently called that being a sunbeam catcher. I love that!
I’m a work in progress, and believe me I have days where I am grouchy (my sweet, silly son Colin waking up at 3 am and is one example of a day where you can find me a little bit lackluster and dull! That was today, by the way. Haha) ;) but I have found that as I go along there is one thing that is so crucial to being happy. Stay positive, and be thankful. Simple, really, we all know that. :)
What does being positive mean to you? What are some of the things you do that help you?

Just focusing on the good in a situation and not giving a minute of your time and attention to the negative will mean that you have more good coming your way than bad! The Law of Attraction is a real thing. <3
I can be positive by remembering that hard times and difficult situations have a purpose. I’ve been learning the hard way through a difficult situation that won’t seem to go away that the less I focus on it, the happier my life is. When I do think about those negative situations, I try to focus more on the lesson than the actual event or circumstances. This is especially true for things that are out of my hands. Have you ever noticed someone who seemed impossibly happy, in spite of their circumstances? They’re focusing on the good things in their lives.  On the flip side, when I have found myself caught up in the negative, everything seems darker. Thankfully, those moments don’t come often. No one wants to feel that way! Don’t let one bad thing make you feel like your day, or week, or life as a whole is negative. You are worth more than that. :)  
I can be positive by being thankful for all of the things I have been blessed with. And I am very blessed! I love this month because so many people have been posting their “30 days of thankfulness” on Facebook. Seeing people voicing their thankfulness for the big things, the little things, the every day things, makes me happy! Positivity is contagious. And I bet that everyone posting these have found themselves happier lately, because they’re attracting more good things to themselves just by being thankful for what they already have.  (I really believe that if you’re not mindful and aware of what you already have, you may be “stuck” and not see yourself moving forward towards goals and growth in your life.)
I can be positive by taking the time to just be. To enjoy each moment and season as it won’t come again.
I can be positive by encouraging someone else to see their own light and worth. One of the greatest things is to see someone else come alive and filled with purpose. If you can be a small part of that by encouraging them you will also be tremendously impacted!
I can be positive by realizing that I, in turn, have a purpose that I am here to fulfill. It’s really humbling and exciting to think about that. What difference can we make while we’re here? The truth is, you and I can make lots of positive differences in our world. 
I would love to hear from you! If you have any practices in place that have helped you be more joyful and spread it to others please share! You can comment below.
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

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