Thursday, February 6, 2014

It isn't by mistake....

A friend of mine and I were having a conversation today about how every experience in our lives has been brought about for a reason and nothing happens by mistake. (I love conversations like these!)
When you think about it: every person that you meet, every new opportunity, ever heartbreak along the way (yes, even those), every place you go and how you spend your days is not a mistake. They are each molding and shaping you along the way and changing you a little bit. (For the better!)
It’s really liberating and maybe a little scary to think that you can accept life as it comes and find comfort in the fact that it’s part of your journey.
This isn’t about being complacent or not accepting responsibilities for your own choices.
You can use life to grow and help other people along the way  with your vast wealth of experience!:)
I’ve touched on this before but it bears repeating.  If good and really lovely things are coming to you, accept that without ever doubting that you deserve it! Enjoy blessings completely and luxuriously and relish in being so blissfully happy.:) You don’t have to hold on tight and be afraid that it will go away, just enjoy it. Soak it in. Be thankful! Be grateful. This is the absolute best way to ensure that your days are going to be predominately filled with sunshine.:)
When hard times come, look at it as a test. Life is quite the teacher! There’s still ways to find the positive when life seems to be overwhelmingly negative. The first personal experience of this that comes to mind is that I was abused for years. And I learned from it. I can truthfully say that because of that awful experience I am even more profoundly aware of what love looks like, feels like and how love treats you. I am gentler with my children because I am determined that they will always have a happy home environment. I constantly strive to show my husband how much I appreciate him and how thankful I am for the loving way he treats and leads his family. So much light came out of a horribly dark time in my past.
I read once that life will present the same lesson to you over and over until you learn it. Then you can move on.:)
One last thought on this…just like every person that you meet and interact with is a part of your story, part of your are a part of theirs. Pretty humbling thought, isn’t it?:)
You’re making a bigger impact on people than you realize. Rock it.:)

Be kind, we are all on this journey together.

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