Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spring cleaning in December :)

My husband and I moved into our new home about three months ago, and I am going into crazy woman mode lately about wanting to decorate and add new life and color and organization into it. :) (I'm nesting. Without the baby on the way!)

Last night I started purging through my tubs of scrapbooking supplies and photos...I want to start scrapbooking again. I do not, however, want old, cluttered messes bogging me down and draining my energy before I even start a project. :) I noticed (especially in the tubs of photos) that it was actually a kind of emotionally draining task. Seeing the faces of people who were a huge zap of my time and emotions, felt great to get those out of my house. :) Bye, bye, negative memories! :)

And then there was the sweetness of people who I love. Pictures of Katie and Colin when they were so little. So many fun times and experiences. :)
Pieces of my history...I found a bookmark given to my by my Maw-Maw with all of her nicknames for my Paw-Paw and that made me remember lots of Summer's spent in Florida at their house.
A surprise find of  a CD that had some precious videos on it.

I'm all about keeping thing sorted and organized, and getting rid of things in your home that don't belong there. If there are broken things, clutter, negative memories hanging around.. they need to go. It's so freeing to make every room full of life and love and what your family cherishes. 
I love coming home to a place that feels like "us". Bonus points when guests feel warm and welcomed too. :)

I notice that I start wanting to breathe new life into my home around this time of year. It's almost a New Year! I love New Year's. Time for new resolutions and a push to focus on improvements and making things a bit prettier. (Inside, and out)

Now excuse me, I have another box to dig through. :)

** I will post a little home tour soon! Just as soon as I get a few more projects done. :)

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