Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oh, baby!

My husband and I got some great news January 22nd! :)
I took a positive test that told us we were expecting baby Adams. ♥ After suffering a miscarriage in November, we were both very cautiously optimistic and waiting to make sure that all looked good before we got TOO excited, or announced it to the world. On our very first Valentine's Day together we saw a perfect beating heart!! I am now ten weeks along, and everything looks great with the baby.
We are SO very thankful. Brad will be a first time Daddy at 39! :) (Although, he's already a wonderful, loving, playful and completely devoted Daddy to Katie and Colin)
Now our days are full of dreams of our baby and how beautiful it will be to bring another little soul into our home in late September or early October. :)
Life can change so quickly...I love looking back over the past year and seeing how things were working out to bring me to where I am today. It's a beautiful season and I'm so very thankful. :)

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