Thursday, December 26, 2013

Look a little deeper


I had a conversation with someone today that was pretty awesome.

He was super excited about a BIG goal that had been met and some dreams that are coming to life!
(I have probably mentioned this before, but it is so inspiring to me to meet people who are passionate about goals of theirs! I love seeing that light in their eyes.)

He told me that above fame and success, his ultimate goals is to let people know that they too can dream a little bit bigger.
It was an energizing conversation that left an impression.
What I love is that when you come down to it, everyone has a story.
We’ve all gone through things that have shaped us and changed us.
Every day people are dreaming of things that are life changing.
No one need be confined by their circumstances as they are right now.
There are a lot of really fantastic people around us with amazing stories of where they’re going.
Inspiration is out there, and it doesn’t always present itself the way you might be expecting.
Just look a little deeper.

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